The Best Local Entertainment Around Rupert

  • 8 years ago

We have a few exceptional venues around the Mini-Cassia area.  The Wilson Theatre is very near the Conestoga Apartments.  The Wilson is in the process of restoration and they’re almost done.  Their calendar is full of dessert theatre’s, plays and other events.  Check them out.

Many groups perform at the King Fine Art Center.  There’s an annual production of the Nutcracker.  The Magic Valley Folk Festival brings in performing acts from all over the world.  The Mt Harrison Heritage Foundation puts on a couple musicals each year.  The Magic Philharmonic shares their talents with us a few times per year.  Community Concerts and much more, not to mention all of the school drama, band and choir productions.

The Oakley Valley Arts Council put on many plays each year in the historic Howell Opera House.

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